All Season BBM Winners

All Winners of each season of Bigg Boss Malayalam

Akhil Marar

Season 5 (2023) Bigg Boss Malayalam

Dilsha Prasannan

Season 4 (2022) Bigg Boss Malayalam


Season 3 (2021) Bigg Boss Malayalam

No Winner

Season 2 (2019) Bigg Boss Malayalam

Sabumon Abdusamad

Season 1 (2018) Bigg Boss Malayalm

Bigg Boss Malayalam: A Look Back at the Champions

Since its premiere in 2018, Bigg Boss Malayalam has captivated audiences with its unique blend of drama, strategy, and human connection. The show has witnessed captivating personalities, intense power struggles, and unexpected twists, ultimately crowning one contestant the winner each season. Let's revisit the champions who have stood tall in the Bigg Boss house:

Season 1 (2018): Sabumon Abdusamad:

The inaugural season saw Sabumon Abdusamad, a popular Malayalam actor, emerge victorious. Known for his calm demeanor and strategic gameplay, Sabumon won hearts with his genuine personality and ability to navigate complex situations.

Season 2 (Cancelled):

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Season 2 of Bigg Boss Malayalam was unfortunately cancelled mid-way.

Season 3 (2021): Manikuttan:

Manikuttan, a renowned dancer and choreographer, charmed his way to the Season 3 title. His energetic personality, positive attitude, and ability to form strong alliances played a crucial role in his journey.

Season 4 (2022): Dilsha Prasannan:

Season 4 brought a historic moment with Dilsha Prasannan becoming the first female winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Her strong personality, strategic gameplay, and genuine connections with fellow contestants garnered her immense support.

Season 5 (2023): Akhil Marar:

Akhil Marar, a director and writer, surprised audiences with his win in Season 5. Initially seen as an outsider, he gradually gained respect with his calm demeanor, strategic moves, and genuine relationships.

Each winner added their unique flavor to the Bigg Boss legacy, showcasing different strategies, personalities, and journeys. These champions not only conquered the challenges but also captured the hearts of viewers nationwide, solidifying their place in Bigg Boss Malayalam history.

Beyond the Winners:

While the winners take the spotlight, Bigg Boss Malayalam has also introduced audiences to countless memorable contestants who provided endless entertainment and sparked conversations. The show's success lies not just in crowning champions but also in offering a platform for diverse personalities to showcase their strengths and vulnerabilities.

As we eagerly await the next season, this look back at the past winners serves as a reminder of the captivating stories, strategic alliances, and unforgettable moments that make Bigg Boss Malayalam a truly unique and engaging reality show.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any official endorsement or association with Bigg Boss Malayalam or its related entities.